Holy Safari Television Series !!!

Tune in to the Holy Safari and travel the globe with O.J. Simpson and Jill Mitchell.
This ultimate tv adventure brings you the wonders of the world's largest religions up-close and personal.
Travel through time to the beginning, as we discuss with the world's religious leaders, their beliefs, traditions, ideologies and sacred histories that are intended to give meaning to life.

Hosted by: O.J. Simpson

Co-Hosted by: Jill Mitchell

Jill is known by her unique ability to get people to open up on the Jill's Show. Visit:     www.JillsShow.com

Premise of the Show

For thousands of years Political Governments Systems (Dictatorships, Monarchy, Democracies, Republics, Communism, etc) and Geographical boundaries have come and gone. The only thing that has remain consistent is Religion. In a time when every country is going Global, their number one export, consciously or unconsciously, is their religious ideology. Yet 9 out 10 American can’t even tell you the top 10 religious organizations based upon followers. According to the US Census Bureau there are over 6.769 billion people on the planet and based upon adherent.com ~84% of the world’s population claim to follow one of these religions. This means more than 5.685 billion people have identified themselves with a religious denomination. Christianity is the largest at 33%, therefore more than 3.808 billion people have a different belief system.


Come join us on a Holly Safari as we travel the world to learn more about the world’s 10 largest religions and their ideology. Step back in time to the beginning of these religions aw we discuss with their leaders the their core beliefs, their understanding of their role in humanity and how their beliefs guide them in their interactions with America. Governments change but the religious ideology of a people seldom do.


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