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Norman Pardo, Senior Partner

Has significant management experience managing celebrities, politicians and businesses.
Held the position of Manager, CEO, COO, President, Director with oversight of all operations.

Strategic visionary with a clear sense of purpose and urgency when faced with diverse situational challenges during periods of both declining sales and rapid growth. Skilled at establishing operational excellence within culturally diverse environments, translating conceptual models into specific growth strategies, and planning/executing multi-faceted business development campaigns designed to improve market share, gross revenue and EBITDA.
Successful at building high-performance executive teams.

Norman has recently appeared appeared on countless news and TV shows like CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, NBC, ESPN, TMZ, Court TV, Access Hollywood, E!, AJ Media, CNN Headline News, BET, Fox News, Nancy Grace, Good Morning America, Extra, Inside Edition and the Today Show, 100's of radio broadcasts, exposure in Sports Illustrated, Vanity Fair, The National Enquirer, Radar Online, intouch, The Globe, Parade, NY Post, Mail Online, The News Press, Daily News, Detroit Free Press, Nigeria News, The Christian Post and hundreds of other national and internationally circulated press media. Recently labeled a "Super Promoter" during a Nancy Grace special.

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Held the position of Manager, CEO, COO, President, Director with oversight of all operations and worked directly with Securities and Exchange Commission, Market Makers, SEC Attorneys and SEC Accountants :

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