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John Bolan BS, MEd, MBA, CDP, EA, CPA, Broker and Managing Member

John has been a licensed real estate broker SINCE 1984 in Southwest Florida.

John is also an expert contributor for magazines such as The National Enquirer and Radar Online.

John is an EA, Enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service. He specializes in international taxation and representing clients before the IRS. Additionally, he is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in Pennsylvania. He has been practicing for 44 years, including 32 years in Florida. Along with Johnís expertise in tax accounting, he has had experience in a variety of businesses and can assist you in starting, purchasing, operating, selling or dissolving a business. He has been involved in financial management of large rental complexes, hotels, restaurants, private estates, and community associations. He has served as an Army officer in Vietnam where he was awarded the Bronze Star, worked for the Navy as a mathematician and for the FDIC closing banks. He was CFO and board member of Spiderboy International, a public company. John loves to travel. He also follows the professional womenís tennis tour and writes articles for the Womenís Tennis Blog.

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Held the position of Manager, CEO, COO, CFO, President, Director with oversight of all operations and worked directly with Securities and Exchange Commission, Market Makers, SEC Attorneys and SEC Accountants :

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