Once in a lifetime opportunity to match wits with thousands of the worlds greatest treasure hunters, can you solve the worlds most mind-blowing treasure hunt ever conceived!
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Norman Pardo solved the crime of the century, can you solve the mystery of the Lost OJ Tapes? Where did Norman hide his key to the Vault? If you help find the right key for him, the reward will be huge....you win the largest private collection of OJ Simpson uncut tapes on the planet, including the original camera, and an OJ Simpson autographed photo. Every hunter who finds a key will be able to try their luck opening the lock on October 3rd, 2021!!   First you must locate the password to access the first video clue, play back a secret video and the clues within will start you on your journey!


As we traveled across America, our camera captured O.J. Simpson's words and actions when he forgot that the camera was rolling. OJ spoke freely about others like Barbara Walters, Katie Couric, Howard Cosell, Howard Stern, Oprah Winfrey, Paula Barbieri, Don Imus, Geraldo Rivera, Christopher Darden, Mark Fuhrman, Judge Ito, and Marsha Clark, to name a few. Norman's camera also captured the interplay between O.J. Simpson's adoring fans, seething enemies, and his friends, true and false. O.J. Simpson also answers questions regarding the trial of the century. Nearly every question about his early life, his football career, acting career, spokesmanships, business career, the trial, his family and friends is asked and answered on these tapes.

What's in the treasure chest:

1) 70 digital tapes of OJ Simpson, his entourage, Norman Pardo, including celebrities like Wendy Williams and Bernard Hopkins, The Executioner and others.
2) Autographed photo of the tour group including the camera.
3) The actual Sony digital camera used on tour as seen in the photo.
All The Proceeds From This Event Go To Support The Urban Core Institute, Inc.'s Initiatives



THE 20 KEYS can only be located by pouring over obscure clues within the website. Most of the clues will actually come from video transcripts from the actual Simpson Tapes. Weekly clues will be on www.OJTreasure.com

Example of a clue:
Transcript: Norman "We met at a flight training school I had just purchased in Miami. Unfortunately it turned out to be the same training school that the 911 terrorist used. OJ could barely get out of the Lincoln Navigator he drove. He complained about his bad knee from football days. After we left the airport we went to Tony Roma's in Kendall to get a drink, we sat at the bar and had many drinks."

Above Clues: Could be the flight training school the terrorist used in Miami? ...Possibly, Tony Roma's Bar area in Kendall? Have fun!
The following are a few of the cities we visited:
  • Atlanta Velvet Room
  • Savannah, Georgia Frozen Paradise
  • Myrtle Beach Club Static
  • Ashville, NC Club Monies
  • Club H2O Charlotte, NC
  • Quincy, Florida Club V-Twelve
  • Macon, GA Studio 32
  • Bonita Springs, FL Teco Arena
  • New York, NY Wendy Williams Interview
  • Santa Monica, CA   American Film Market
  • Nashville, TN Texas Troubadour Theatre
  • Trenton NJ, Club XL

  • All The Proceeds From This Event Go To Support The Urban Core Institute, Inc.'s Initiatives



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    Nancy Grace Regarding The Tapes

    Norman Pardo and/or the Tapes have been seen or mentioned in or on countless news and TV shows like CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, CW33, ESPN, TMZ, Court TV, Access Hollywood, E!, AJ Media, CNN Headline News, HLN, BET, Fox News, AOL, Nancy Grace, Good Morning America, Extra, Inside Edition, Today Show, Eurweb, Express.co.uk, Hollywood Star, Daily Star.co.uk, 100's of radio broadcasts, exposure in Sports Illustrated, Vanity Fair, Huffington Post, Hollywood Reporter, Yahoo, The Sun, Daily Mail, US Magazine, People, Washington Times, Perez Hilton, The Grio, The National Enquirer, Radar Online, InTouch, The Globe, Parade, NY Post, MLive, GQ Magazine, Mirror.co.uk, New York Daily News, Mail Online, Inquirer, The News Press, Daily News, USA Today, Inquisiter, Esquire, The Guardian, Detroit Free Press, Nigeria News, The Christian Post, Tampa Bay Times, WTSP, The Mike Calta Show, Black News, Cathy Cash, Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Starcasm, Mirror, 10News, Calgary Herald, MEAWW, News Channel 5, ST Louis American, Herald Sun, Spoteoy, PageSix, Bay 9 News, Your Tango, Heavy, Ekstra Bladet, Complex, Los Angeles Times, Metro, CBS Los Angeles, Huffing Post UK, POP Culture, Revista, News Channel 8, All4Women, New Idea, Fox 5 Las Vegas, Huffing Post Canada, VT, La Vanguardia, UPI, MIC, Teletrece, Golf Digest, CIBERCUBA, The Post Standard, Monet, Celebrity Dirty Laundry, RTL Boulevard, Pure People, Chrisma News, PD America, Le Journal de Montreal, Perth Now, Bustle, $ Kfor, Gawker, She Knows, Klatsch Tratsch DE, B.T., Inquirer Net, CM, Mass Live, The Hollywood Gossip, Wetpaint, NYHETER24, EXPRESSEN, SEHER, Delfi,TN8 Nicaragua, CNN Greece, and hundreds of other national and internationally circulated press media, including shows like the Australian Today Show and Morning Show.

    Including "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" KUWTK



    Rules and Disclaimer!


    The following places do not hold any keys:

    The following places do not hold any keys:

    (a) any life-threatening locations like rivers, roads, mountain tops, alligator pits, etc.
    (b) do not seek keys in any cemetery
    (c) do not dig for keys underground
    (d) no keys will be found in outer space

    The keys can be found in places that are easily accessible without creating any damage. There will be a distinctive man made object very close to each key.

    Cheating, stealing, sabotaging, removing hidden items or clues, or breaking the law will result in automatic disqualification.

    Fine print: The winner only receives the tapes as a personal collection and the footage does not come with any rights to sell, distribute or use in any form other than private home use. "No part of any of this video footage given in this treasure hunt may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without the written permission of the copyright holder."