About The Urban Core Institute


Urban Core Institute is developing a network for artists, business owners, politicians, and others!!

Everyone wins in our incubation program, from the community, business owners, artists, mentors, everyone participating in a incubated project will benefit from the extra revenue being created!!

Our startup incubator is privately funded. Our teams energy comes from a wide range of industries, so to help our participants the most, we only accept highly energized and motivated individuals into our group!

Our incubator was created to help existing, new and startup companies and artists develop by providing services such as consulting, mentoring, management training, marketing training, help with prototype creation and other services.

Our mentors and advisors enjoy working with small businesses and artists at any stage of development, not only startup companies. Like many incubation programs we partner with other leaders to create a "one-stop shop" for entrepreneurial support.

Urban Core Institute is being formed to help your business in a variety of economic and socioeconomic needs, which include job creation, business creation, technology creation, diversifying and retention.

Entrepreneurs who wish to enter our business incubation program must apply for admission.



For Inquiries, Email us: Info@joinuci.com